· Conservation treatment of works of art on paper, historic documents, maps, diplomas and family papers (see Treatments page for examples of previous treatments)

· Rehousing of fragile artifacts

· Collection surveys to establish conservation needs and priorities

· Disaster planning and recovery assistance

· Lectures and workshops (see Workshops page)



How much will this cost?


The size of a conservation project depends of the condition of the damaged artwork and the extent of treatment undertaken. Each artwork has unique needs, and should not be given assembly-line standard treatment. This means that the cost for a treatment cannot be predicted before examining the object.


Potential clients are welcome to bring in items for a free no-obligation consulation and estimate. If you choose to go ahead with treatment, you would deposit the artwork at my studio for a full examination and treatment proposal, with a binding time estimate.


My standard rate for conservation is $80/hour or $500/day (minimum 8 hours). I time my work by 6 minute (0.1 hour) increments. Many services are not billed, such as documentation, treatment photography, housing, research and consultation. A small project could take less than half an hour; more involved treatments may take 10-20 hours or more.               610.543.2826               610.543.2826