Workshops are available for groups of artists, scholars, technicians, and art lovers. Topics can be customized to your groupís interests and knowledge level. In general, smaller groups can do more hands-on workshops, while larger groups can enjoy informative illustrated lectures. Workshops range from 1 hour to 2 days in length. Previous workshops presented include:

Handling Works of Art on Paper Training

Glass Fiber Mending of Translucent Papers (for conservators)

Humidification and Flattening of Chinese rubbings

Science in Art Conservation

Technical Examination of Rare Books and Manuscript Collections

Permanence of Artists Materials

Understanding Printmaking Techniques


Please contact me to discuss your workshop interests. I am happy to create new workshops within my areas of expertise.† †††††††††††† 610.543.2826† †††††††††††† 610.543.2826